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Abintra Art - Week 21 (2012 - 2013 School Year)

ECA has been working on creating their very own Superimposed Geometric Figures. By choosing two colors to form a pattern, friends experience gradations in two dimensions. They love this lesson! 

ECB experimented with an art technique Claudia did when she was a child. They place four nuts on a piece of paper, then place a strainer covering the nuts. With a paint brush they paint all over the strainer creating a dust of paint arount the nuts. When they remove the strainer and the nuts they see the nuts stamp on the piece of paper.

ECC is practicing using reusable art paper to make new creations. Collaging is a way to create unique pieces that exhibit contrast in color and shape. The act of gluing helps strengthen the hand for writing and hand eye coordination.

LE had a geometry in art lesson by reviewing the tessellations of M.C. Escher.  They created their own tessellation designs and painted them in a pattern of their choice. 

Local artist, Stacey Irvin, visited Abintra to do a presentat…

Self-regulation in Early Childhood: Seeing Work Through to Completion or Keep Trying!

The foundation of self-regulation happens primarily in the first five years of life.  When a child experiences challenges or frustrations, we see this as an opportunity to help the student learn. The most powerful way we can help children learn self-regulation is by modeling and scaffolding it during ordinary activities.
At Abintra, the Early Childhood program promotes self-regulation through providing choice and the opportunity to make decisions.  As children grow and learn, they internalize one behavior, then they move to learn self-regulation in a new area, always building on the self-regulation skills they began in infancy. As an infant, a child learns to self-soothe after basic needs are met. Toddlers learn to feed themselves. Young children learn to pour, cut, take turns, and interact with peers.  Regardless of the area of learning, we want the children to have the message that, even if something is difficult, they can complete it with concentrated effort.  Seeing a decision or …

Abintra Art - Week 20 (2012 - 2013 School Year)

ECA received a group lesson with Dave about the origin of snowflakes. Then they reviewed the colors of the crystals and observed which colors they could see in a snowflake. Patricia then presented a cutting exercise lesson, taking a piece of paper (square) and folding into 4. Then she proceeded to make the cuts. When she finished,  Patricia opened the paper and they could see the snowflake!! They loved the activity and worked on it for three weeks every day!

ECB’s printmaking work was created using a stamp made by wrapping strings around a circular container.

ECC students continue to work with primary colors. They select pieces of string, dip them in paint and place them onto paper to create pieces of art. They have been amazed to see what happens when primary colors mix together. It has also been fun to explore other techniques of painting besides the typical paintbrush.

To align with their study of land and water forms, LE created paper mache globes.  After their globes dried, they dr…