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Tips for a Successful School Day

The students are transitioning beautifully as they enjoy their days at Abintra. You can help your child be successful in school by doing the following: Make sure your child has a good night's sleep with a consistent bed time and routine. If you're not sure how many hours of sleep your child needs, check the Sleep Hours chart below or call your child's pediatrician.Start every day with a good breakfast!Enjoy time with each other or observing nature in the morning and avoid use of electronic devices before coming to school. 

August Spanish News

Elementary Spanish
Bienvenidos a la clase de espaňol! Welcome back everyone!  We are looking forward to another fun year learning about Spanish language and culture.  
The first weeks of school we will concentrate on T.P.R. (Total Physical Response) which is often used for commands or verbs. I may say “La clase se sienta” and the class will sit down. As you may remember, this method uses group activities to enhance our learning of vocabulary and grammar. T.P.R. also helps students gain confidence and have fun with Spanish. They will work with new vocabulay and practice using the words they know.T.P.R. uses movements, games, and group participation.  Our goal is to find out the students’ abilities and comfort levels with Spanish before building on that foundation.  In the beginning, the children will have a Silent Period. We don’t force the students to produce the language. The goal is comprehension.

Personalization is a very important part before we start T.P.R.S. We ask simple questions…

Abintra's Natural Environment Could Reduce Children's Stress!