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March & April Arts

Belmont University Department of Theatre and Dance's Repertory Company visited Abintra and performed "The Frogville Skits" for our Early Childhood, Lower Elementary, and Middle Elementary.

Abintra parent Matt and his two daughters serenaded the Early Childhood B students with cello music! The students loved hearing about how the cello works and listening to the beautiful music it creates.

Lower Elementary's observation of tadpoles in their classroom provided the inspiration for multi-media art illustrating the first signs of Spring with tadpoles and daffodils.

Lower Elementary music class is full of sound! Group singing and activities to teach, inspire and motivate have been the focal point in music class. Instruments from all over the world are used to captivate the imagination while memory is used to identify the unique sounds they produce. Hands-on activities with unique instruments such as the mbira, cabasa, kokiriko, and agogo bell have endless learning opportuniti…

March & April Spanish Blog

This year is flying by and I am continually impressed with the students’ comprehension, reading, and writing skills.

Cultural activities are an important part of learning another language. Students from Lower Elementary through Middle School enjoy playing games to help them absorb the language.

Lower Elementary practices listening comprehension. As I tell a new story to the class, the students draw it.

After we make sure that everyone understands the story, the students retell the story to a classmate.

Lower Elementary students are integrating Spanish into the classroom curriculum through various activities. The students have been writing their own stories. This one is about a boy who lives in Egypt:

They colored and labeled flowers and parts of the plants.

Student had a chance to talk about their favorite animals, and afterwards they wrote some facts about that animal.

The students performed a play about the animals.