Alumni Spotlight: Maurie Ponder - a Former Abintra Student, Current Abintra Parent, and Nashville Educator

By Emily Allen and Abintra students Anabel and Kiki “I’ve been in education my whole career, and I think that traces back to what a safe, joyous place school always was for me, which started at Abintra.” - Maurie Ponder Maurie Ponder is an Abintra parent, but she’s more than that: she herself attended Abintra in its earliest years. We enjoyed her bubbly personality and enthusiasm during our time together. Maurie shared her memories of Abintra and interesting insight into the life of an Abintra student in the early 80’s, as well as how her time at Abintra influenced her life experiences. Maurie attended Abintra from 1984 to 1988, during the equivalent of her 1st through 4th grade years (Abintra ended at 4th grade at the time). She transitioned to Nashville public schools for middle and high school, where she loved studying English and Science. She told us, “I was a bookworm from a very young age. I was an early reader and always loved to read, so English was someth

Bongo Java Coffee and Cocoa Sale - Link to Order

It’s time for our annual Bongo Java coffee and cocoa sale! Abintra Blend coffee and cocoa make great gifts, and a ll proceeds from the sale benefit Abintra.  If you are interested in participating, please place your order through the PayPal link below, or fill out this order form and return it with your check (made out to Abintra) to the office. All orders must be received by Monday, November 18th. You will be notified when orders are ready for pickup. To order through PayPal, select your option, click "Add to Cart," and then update the amount of coffee or cocoa you would like on the PayPal site. If you would like more than one type of item (like ground coffee and cocoa), return to this page after adding the first item to your cart, and then add the second item to your cart. Options Coffee - Whole Bean $13.00 USD Coffee - Ground $13.00 USD Cocoa $13.00 USD Contact the Abintra office (615-352-4317, with ques

Upper School Spanish News - May

I can’t believe that the school year is almost over! I’ve enjoyed seeing the growth of the students from the beginning to the end of the year. Those who were shy are now confident and ready for new challenges. In the Lower School 3 and Upper School 1 classrooms, students have been participating in many cultural activities, which give the students another perspective in learning the Spanish language. International festivals play an important part in learning a second language.   We made a piñata, and the students decided what shape or characteristic they wanted the piñata to be. We decide on a Ballena Azul: a Blue Whale. One of the students drew the pattern for the piñata, while others got involved in making the structure, and some helped with the decoration. It was fun to experience the students’ excitement; they often asked about how many more days were left until the Fiesta. One of the best parts of the Fiesta was eating Paletas and hitting the Piñata. It was fun!