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Upper Elementary News: Last Week of School

Electric Avenue by Alexandra and Alice For our final science project, students built cardboard houses and added electricity. Some students added plumbing, and others even added people or pets. For the students who had finished their models by Wednesday, we had a tour of homes. We made a neighborhood, and we called it Electric Avenue. We walked around and looked at the houses. Some of them even had doorbells that played the Happy Birthday song. Solar panels, hand crank, or batteries powered the homes. It was a fun project.

A Farewell from Stella  Abintra is a great place to make new friends and express who you are and who you want to be. Abintra doesn't discriminate. Abintra is very welcoming, and it has been a part of my family for nine years. No matter what happens, good or bad, Abintra has helped me learn how to cope and keep moving forward. I've never felt left out or not accepted when I'm here. I never imagined that I would ever leave this school, but the day has come f…

Year-End Reflections: From Board President Irma Paz-Bernstein

As we walk around the sun to mark the end of the school year, we celebrate all that has been accomplished and all those who made it possible to reach our goals and meet our challenges with a mindful heart.
This year we honored the past with an open house for alumni and families. It was a day of celebration and gratitude -- and a joy to witness.

I would like to thank: The Board of Trustees. It was an honor to serve this community with you. The faculty that walked with our children through it all.Sherry Knott for 25 years of observation and action.And the staff that works behind the scenes to make it all come together.
To all of those who will leave the nest that is Abintra, know that because of you our roots are deeper. And to those that will come back to walk hand in hand with us next year, we can't wait to welcome you back; there is so much already being set in place for you.

All that we accomplished was thanks to you and because of you. You made it possible for us to reach our goals …

Upper Elementary News - May 18

Though our school year is coming to a close, we are still working hard in the Upper Elementary classroom. Science students are constructing their model houses and adding electrical wiring; culture students are presenting their research findings; math and Wordly Wise assignments continue, and farm chores never cease. A highlight of this week was our trip to Montessori Academy in Brentwood to see their performance of Maria Montessori, the Musical! 3rd-8th level students from their school performed in the production. It was written and directed by their Music Director, Mark Woodward. The following is a report written by Noah and Bob.
On Wednesday, we saw a production of Maria Montessori's life at another Montessori school called Montessori Academy. In the musical, they showed how she wanted to be a doctor, but it was a man's job. She became a doctor anyway and helped mentally challenged kids to learn. She made materials to train their senses. Maria's way of teaching inspired…

Upper School Spanish News - Late Spring

What a great year we have had!
Spanish is all around us, and lessons take place in and out of the classrooms. You can hear students singing Spanish songs, playing cultural games, and dancing to Latin American music.
We take long walks around our beautiful campus, and we practice Spanish by naming what we see during the walks and talking to each other.

This year, some Upper Elementary students requested French and German lessons, so we began offering them on campus through the Tennessee Foreign Language Institute. Students enjoy practicing French and German vocabulary that they learn during these lessons.
The school year is almost over, and each year we ask students to tell us what lessons they have enjoyed. We have very positive comments, and I chose one that reflects what many students have said:
"This year I have really enjoyed Spanish. It was really fun. I like how we write stories, and sometimes we act out those stories. In my Spanish notebook, I write words and translate them, an…

Upper Elementary Book Club - The Hundred Dresses - By Claudia and Book Club Students


Upper Elementary News Mid-May: Sheep Shearing, Book Club Reports, Egg Update, and More