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Art at Abintra - August - October 2016

Early Childhood As part of their continent study of North America, Early Childhood A students have been learning about American artist Jackson Pollock. This lesson featured primary colors through Pollock’s “action painting” technique using a paint-covered marble.This process assists students with their coordination of movement, concentration, independence, and their ultimate discovery of secondary colors by mixing primary colors. Early Childhood B students began their study of primary colors through the work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Lower Elementary Our Lower Elementary artists have been busy creating sketchbooks and portfolios to be used throughout the year. Keeping their drawings and paintings in a portfolio will allow for the self-reflection that is a valuable part of the art making process. They look forward to sharing their recently made drawings of outer space and self-portraits.

LE students have also been occupied with the stagecraft elements of their upcoming theatrical prod…

Talking With Students About Technology - from our Middle School Guides

The one question we get from parents the most is how can I support my child's education?
We have an answer.
Talk about technology.
By technology, we mean smartphones, computers, iPads, video games; access to the internet. 
This week, middle school read an article and completed a survey about their technology habits. Our discussion was forthright and honest. The majority of the class shared that screen time had a direct, negative impact on their schoolwork. We discussed how the amount of time spent on devices outside of school impacts the ability to attend and process at school--even without the devices in use.
We are not anti-technology. We value it as a tool, and provide each student with a laptop. But, we know research is just starting to show the impact this revolution is having on our brains and lives. As guides, we see it clearly in the classroom, and we are consciously aware of how we use technology in the classroom.
We've linked the article for you to read, the self-as…