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Positive Discipline Support Groups - by Emi Canahuati


Early Childhood News - A Peek into Work Cycle

What happens during a typical Early Childhood Montessori work cycle?
Students can be found working in different areas of the Montessori curriculum: math, language, cultural, sensorial, and practical life. 

This week in work cycle:

Students prepared fresh squeezed orange juice... well as other snack items for their community.

Students worked with many Montessori materials, including the Metal Insets, Knobless Cylinders, Pink Tower, and Movable Alphabet.

They received one-on-one lessons from their guides...

...and worked together to prepare their classroom environment.

Some students have been working on map-making.

This week, we had beautiful flowers donated from Whole Foods to use for flower arranging. Our tables looked so colorful and bright!

Upper Elementary News - 2/23

Several students have signed up to go to the Nashville Symphony’s performance of Composers of Hope next week on Wednesday. The description of the performance from the website is as follows:
Through many hardships, obstacles, and persecution, even the very creation of art is an expression of defiance, survival, and most of all hope. Join us as we learn about some of the greatest composers in history, the obstacles they overcame, and the timeless music they gave to the world.
Works by Jean Sibelius, Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn, Amy Beach, John Williams, and William Grant Still will be performed by an ensemble that includes Abintra parent Chris Farrell!

This week and next, a group of students are working in an archaeology lab using materials borrowed from the Tennessee State Museum. The materials are in a traveling trunk titled The Life and Times of the First Tennesseans, and includes real and replica artifacts from the Mississippian mound builders of Tennessee. Students who …

Upper Elementary News 2/19 - Shakespeare, Mushrooms, and More!

Our newsletter this week is comprised of several article submissions from students:
"Much Ado About Nothing" - By Mallie (with help from Sidney)
The play Much Ado About Nothing was so much fun! As the stage manager, it was really nerve-racking because there was a lot of rushing, but when it came together, it was worth it. Kiki, who played Beatrice, said, “I loved everything. I really like acting. I have been in after-school theater with Christy, but this was my first performance.” Sidney, who played Oatcake, said, “I thought it was an extraordinary experience. I liked the costume that Reina helped create with me. I also liked practicing the play with friends. It was just exciting!” Dot, who played Don John, said, “I had a lot of fun. I really felt like I was my character. I felt the character was telling me she was British, so I spoke with an accent.”  Olivia said, “I loved making masks.” To conclude, most of the UE students enjoyed the play that we put on.  

Mushrooms - by L…

Early Childhood News - Positive Discipline on the Playground

Positive Discipline is used consistently at Abintra, and can especially be seen in action on the playground. Guides closely monitor playground interactions, are aware of peer dynamics, and respond to each concern with Positive Discipline.
How does this work? When a child approaches the guides with a report about an interaction with another child, or the guides see behaviors that need to be addressed, the children involved sit and have a conversation.
Each child has a turn to say, “I feel ________ (happy, sad, mad, scared, etc.) when my friend _________. I need ________.”
After everyone has had a turn to speak, the guide restates what was said. For example: “I heard that Child 1 felt sad because Child 2 hit him. He needed a hug. I heard that Child 2 felt scared because Child 1 was running too close and bumped into him. He needed Child 1 to look where he is going.”
By using Positive Discipline as a tool to help children and adults communicate, students can leave a discussion feeling heard…

Upper Elementary News - February 9 - by UE Student Hazel and UE Guide Jonell

It’s almost spring!
These past few weeks, the UE students have been working on this year’s production of Much Ado About Nothing. The costume crew has been working on fitting people with costumes. Our actors are working very hard on memorizing their lines. We are really excited to share it with you on Thursday, 2/15/18, at 9:30am!

Lately, the people who go to the farm regularly have done farming activities on campus. This week, we made soil blocks and planted seeds in the greenhouse. We also helped to order more seeds for this spring and wrote letters to a seed company asking for a seed donation. Next week we will be planting mushrooms. Farming will resume to a full day schedule out at Emerson Farm after the play. We are very excited to finish building the barn and build a slide from the top of the barn to the bottom. Parents are invited to schedule a time to work at the farm. Contact Jonell if you are interested in working with us, or would like a tour.

The school bus has been retire…