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Elementary Spanish 2016 - Post #1

Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, and Middle School students are working on age-specific exercises that focus on personalization – describing who they are.
Lower Elementary students are practicing introducing themselves using the phrase “Yo Soy” (I am). They tell each other their names, ages, genders, and physical descriptions.
Other Spanish lessons focus on the difference between living and non-living things, the Solar System, and parts of the plant. We’ve been conducting an experiment where students can see first-hand the change of matter from a solid to a liquid to a gas with just a piece of ice!

We take walks to identify different leaves and trees. Our lessons take place both indoors and outdoors.

Students are working on putting stories in chronological order. They are also using three to six letter words and writing sentences. Some students are also reading Spanish books.

Upper Elementary students are also practicing describing themselves and their families. They have been w…