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As hard as it is to give up these beautiful pieces of work created by Abintra students over the last several of years,  we have decided to offer them to the parents for auction.  They will be available to bid on at the End of Year Picnic Friday.  Here are the pieces and the starting bids.

“Diversity”  by EC Paint on paper, framed out of pallets   Starting Bid- $50

Early Childhood students of 2012/2013 painted a swatch to match the color of the skin to form the face and painted a swatch to represent their personality to create the background.
“Balloons” by ECA Multimedia on Canvas Starting bid $50

Early Childhood A students of 2014/15 each painted a balloon to hold in this painting.  ECA students painted the background as well.
“Balloons” by ECB Multimedia on Canvas Starting bid $50

Early Childhood B students of 2014/15 each painted a balloon to hold in this painting.  ECB students painted the background as well.

“Balloons” by ECC Multimedia on Canvas Starting bid $50

Early Childhood C students of 201…

Español - May

We seek to help our students develop an international perspective through the study of a second language, cultural geography, international festivals, and celebrations.  The month of May was full of cultural activities!

Lower Elementary After students selected a flag, they found out where the flag was from, drew the flag, and wrote the name of the country, continent, capital and few facts about the country. Each student shared what they had learned with the class.

Lower Elementary students volunteered to share some artifacts, songs, and dances from places around the world. We also had a visit from Emi, a Lower Elementary mom, who taught the students a dance from Latin America.

A fun culturalactivity that Lower Elementary students participated in waspiñata-making!It took many layers of paper, but the students were enjoyed the process. Students decorated the piñatawith flags from around the world.  We made El Globo del Mundo! (The globe of the world!) Finally the day came to break open the …

April & May Arts

Early Childhood Artists have been working with Sarah and Maria Asuncion on weaving using recycled fabrics and other material.

Early Childhood created pinwheels for their last project of the year.
In the afternoons, the older students in the early childhood classes have explored two new pieces of music that tell an entire story without words. The children tell the story with movement and motion. Clearly their focused listening skills are being well developed. They light up when we do these pieces.  We are also learning a new dance to a triple meter piece of music called the Bella Bimba. In addition, we are working on a triple meter ensemble piece called Listen For Bells. These are harder rhythms to hold on to while the melody is being plays on the resonator bars. Progress is steady and sure. They love the challenge.

"The Life Cycle of a Dandelion"
Lower Elementary artists have been working with weaving as well.  They created a multimedia piece by first weaving a basket out of rec…