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The Impact of the Annual Fund - Spotlight on Emily Allen

How does staff Professional Development benefit our children and us as parents?

Let’s take Emily Allen, Abintra’s Office and Communications Manager, for instance. Many of you have probably seen Emily walking around with a camera in hand capturing our children doing their work, engaging, and having fun.  Or how about the personal pictures of our kids emailed directly to us or the postings on Facebook and the website? All of these photos are glimpses into our children’s day-to-day experiences at Abintra.  How nice is it to have that visual connection as a parent?  So, when a spark of passion turned into a serious interest that would also benefit Abintra, the Annual Fund made it possible to send Emily to Vanderbilt’s Sarratt Studio to study photography.  Not only do we benefit as parents, but she now shares that educational experience with students who show interest in photography. The Annual Fund also provided funds to purchase a professional camera and lens, which Emily uses to take all…

Greetings from the Farm - Farm Blog #1

Greetings from the farm! It finally feels like fall, and the on behalf of the student farm crew, I would like to update you on some happenings thus far.

During the first quarter, each Upper Elementary student came to the farm one day each week for a few hours. We explored the farm, rain or shine, ate together, and of course, got some work done. The students have begun to acclimate their minds and bodies to farm tasks which is not an easy thing. They have started to get used to the feel of dirt and mud on their hands; insects flying around and landing on them; snake, frog, and spider sightings; as well as woodpeckers and hawks.

We have sweated in 90 degree heat and relished in cool rain. We have hoed, shoveled, raked, wheelbarrowed, planted, watered, harvested, and processed. We have built 12 garden beds, 75 feet long, in which kale, swiss chard, spinach, bok choi, lettuce, carrots, beets, turnips, and radishes are growing. Student farmers set 27 cedar posts that are 8 feet tall around…

Abintra Art News #1 - "Along the Path of Totality"