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Lower School News - Self Regulation

What is self-regulation?
Self-regulation is a vital skill that is at the core of all success in learning and life. It is the ability to: Control impulsesIdentify and modulate emotionsDelay gratificationMake thoughtful and conscious choicesSet goals and achieve them

Why is self-regulation so important? Self-regulation is an essential aspect of overall emotional intelligence.It is not an arrival point in children's development, but a journey.Children learn self-regulation gradually.

One key source of learning self-regulation is through imitation of the adult role models in their lives.
How can you help your child develop self-regulation? Get down on the child's levelDemonstrate empathyMatch the child's emotional toneGive them timeLet them play 2.5 to 3 hours per day (free play rather than instructional play, and without screens)

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