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Upper Elementary News - 12/21

In Upper Elementary, we work hard! We also acknowledge that we haven't shared enough details about our science and math work. In the new year, you will be getting frequent blog updates!
This week, fractions and decimals have been the focus of lessons for all math groups, and several students are also working on calculating percentages. These lessons truly support the work that is done in science lessons and on the farm. For example, students must be able to round the atomic mass of an element from a decimal number to the nearest whole number in order to figure out how many neutrons (represented by marbles) to place inside the nucleus of their atomic model. One young scientist used percentages to estimate the amount of paint that covered her paper in a marbling experiment comparing olive oil, sesame oil, and vinegar. She discovered that the blue paint covered her paper about 93% when it was dropped in vinegar, but only about 3% when it was dropped in sesame oil!

Some of the students …

Winter Farm Updates