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Upper Elementary News - Farm Updates, New Vehicle, Incubating Eggs, Drumming Workshop, Huntsville Trip, and More!

The Farm During Testing Week by Olivia (and Jodi)
During testing week everyone had a chance to go to the farm in the afternoon. I wasn't sure I wanted to go. It had it had been a long time, even before the barn was built. Back then, we were under a tent, and it was really hot.
The week at the farm was awesome! The big barn was built. We had animals there. I got to hold chickens and chased a sheep that wouldn't let me get close. Lily L. found an egg in the grass, and we brought it back to school and put it in the incubator. We moved the chickens up near the barn, and I held one of the roosters the whole way because the two roosters were fighting in the trailer. I carried him all the way to the barn. We also moved the sheep closer to the barn so they could have water and shade. Being closer to the barn makes it easier to take care of them. They got out of the pen after we left and David had to chase them down. He got them all back. I slid down the slide and played in a rocking t…

Abintra Arts - Spring Updates

These beautiful “Haniwa” sculptures are the result of a week long collaborative effort by upper elementary students with the guidance of visiting artist and master potter Caroline Cercone.

Haniwa, which means “circle of clay” or “hollow cylinder” in Japanese, is the name for the unglazed and hollow terra cotta sculptures arranged on and around the mounded tombs of the Japanese elite dating from theKofunperiod (c.250–552 CE).

Early Childhood News - The Importance of Sitting Down to Dinner

What is one of the most important things you can do with your children? Sit down to eat with them!
*As a reminder, if you have not had a lunch visit yet, we encourage you to contact your guides to schedule one. Please keep in mind that our last lunch visits are the week of April 30th through May 4th. Muchas gracias!*

After a long day that may include school, work, music lessons, dance practice, gymnastics, and other activities, it can be challenging to bring the family together for dinner. Finding meaningful time to eat together is valuable and has a positive impact on your child's development. Here are some reasons to make family meals a priority: Dinnertime conversation boosts vocabulary! Dining together provides opportunities for conversation to discuss your child's day, allowing him/her to share exciting events or fun experiences and to express opinions. Dinner is the most reliable way for families to connect and find out what’s going on with each other.Family dinners give …

Upper Elementary News - Week of April 9

Measuring Christy’s Baby by Josephine (with help from Jonell)
We are all excited that Christy is having a baby girl and we can’t wait to meet her! Back in February, I was wondering if Christy knew the size of her baby. She said no, but suggested that I start taking measurements each week. We started taking measurements on Feb. 27th, and we stopped on Monday, April 9th. We found out that the baby grew one inch each week until March 27th. That week she dropped an inch. I think it was because the baby dropped into Christy’s pelvis. The following week, the baby grew 1.5 inches. Also, Laura heard from her midwife that giving birth is affected by changes in the weather, according to her experiences. Laura printed out a 10-day forecast to help us predict when Christy is going to have her baby. Her due date is April 13. I think Christy will have her baby on Friday night, April 13th because the temperature will be really low on Thursday night, and then it will get a lot warmer on Friday. We…

Elementary Spanish News - Early Spring

Spanish lessons are filled with fun activities. Spanish language is used naturally to supplement lessons in math, geography, science, handwork, and culture. Take a look at what we've been working on!

Culture - Exploring the world

Students identify flags from around the world.

They practice dances from different parts of the world...

...they even requested Spanish Zumba!

They play games to practice Spanish vocabulary.

Students have also been working on their handwork skills. A group finished a beautiful weaving project for Emerson Farm, and have also been practicing stitching before diving into embroidery.

Students practice reading in Spanish by keeping track of the Spanish books they've finished, and then summarizing the stories.

Listening and Speaking
Students use comprehension skills to listen carefully to others in formal and informal settings.

Students write and draw stories in Spanish, then share them with their classmates.

After sharing stories, students ask the aut…