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Abintra Art - April 2014

Early Childhood A artists studied the work of Debbie Smyth. The children are learning that Debbie Smyth is a young British artist who uses pins and meters of thread (hilo) to create "Arte Textil." They learned that Debby Smyth discovered this technique while trying to transform things from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions. Based on this lesson, children created their own pieces of artwork. 

The Early Childhood A class created and used coiled stamps to paint thank-you notes to visiting artist and Abintra parent Caroline Cercone of Caroline Cercone Pottery! During Caroline's visit, each student created a coil out of clay; Caroline then put all the coils together to make a special bowl for the classroom!  The top (bottom left) and bottom (bottom right) of the bowl are pictured below.

Early Childhood B artists created totem pole art to go along with their Native American study.  They drew animals that they painted, outlined, and cut out to put on a totem pole.

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Belcourt Screening of TWO: The Story of Roman and Nyro Benefits Abintra