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Upper Elementary Blog - Early Spring 2017

Hello Abintra community! We are excited to bring you updates from the Upper Elementary classroom, directly from us - the students!

We have been enjoying fun activities this month!

Our classroom recently received a life size human body that you can take apart and put back together. You can make the body female or male. This model helps us see how the parts fit inside your body and how everything comes together.

You can often find students researching projects together. Some topics we're researching are the human body, ancient civilizations, Tennessee history, the Middle Ages, and animals across the globe.

In art, Nashville potter Caroline Cercone has been working with us on making clay vases and pitchers. We also have the opportunity to work with clay freely.

Rebekah Allen, award-winning playwright based in New York and sister of Office Manager Emily, visited our classroom to lead a workshop on building and developing characters for stories.

The Upper Elementary chorus recently per…

Working with Clay

“With every clay project we are reminded of how clay connects us deeply to this planet."  -  Caroline Cercone, artist

Elementary and Middle School Spanish News - February and March

In each class, students are working with activities that reflect each other’s personalities. We have more in common than we know!  It takes pasos, steps, but in the end, it works. The first step is to be kind to each other.
Lower Elementary
Students write down words that they remember.

They use those words in pictures to make sentences.

They also use the words as a model and write sentences.

Students use words that describe personalities of animals and write complete stories.

After I read a sentence in Spanish, students draw what they understand.

Students read, summarize, and answer questions about what they have read.

Upper Elementary
Learning another language can be fun! We play games like Loteria, and take trips to the Global Education Center to practice African Peruvian dances. The instruction was all in Spanish!

Students are artistas! They created a beautiful display using sticks and yarn.

Students made Gazpacho and learned how to measure ingredients in Spanish. After they finished cookin…