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Upper School Spanish News - January

Lower Elementary
Lower Elementary students are learning how to describe the five main classes of vertebrates, starting with insects, or insectos. We are learning the names of insects in Spanish, as well as facts about them including habitat, color, and size. Each student made a mask of their favorite insect.

Students match the insect’s English name to its Spanish name.

They write the names of the insects in the singular and plural forms.

They use infinitive verbs (volar – to fly; saltar – to jump; etc.) to describe each insect. 

The students write sentences in Spanish to describe their favorite insects.

We wrote a story about an ant and a butterfly and took turns reading it.

Upper Elementary
Upper Elementary students continue to work with singular and plural nouns, and practice by writing sentences and stories. Students work together to help each other master the lesson.

Students make grammar columns to separate the different parts of a sentence: articles, nouns, verbs, and adjectives. They …