Abintra Art - Week 29 (2012 - 2013 School Year)

ECA has been learning about contrast and balance with abstract art.  They created black and white abstracts modeled in the manner of Cecil Touchon, an American contemporary artist.

ECB is exploring painting with the dyes of tissue paper.  They take a piece of colored tissue paper and place it on their paper.  Then they paint over the tissue paper with just water.  The water releases the dye onto their paper.  The students then take tweezers to remove the tissue paper leaving a colorful abstract painting of blended dyes.

To continue their study of Africa, ECC read the book Anansi the Spider, a tale from the Ashanti.  Influenced by this book and the African culture, they drew a picture of a spider and wove a web out of African print paper.

LE finished their Spring inspired art projects.

ME is experimenting with creating three dimensional environments or sculptures.  They started with paper strip sculptures.  What happens when you experiment with the medium, how can you make it stand by bending, twisting, folding, curling, and slotting?  They talked about scale and about what size creature would enjoy traveling inside, around and on top of their sculpture.  The students labeled their pieces after they were complete, but stayed open to possibility throughout the process.

UE visited and toured the facilities of Casa Azafrán.  They spent some time in the Global Education dance studio learning African dances.

MS continues their collaborative art piece influenced by Ellsworth Kelley.