February News from Within - from Director Sherry Knott

February Conferences: Celebrating our Children's Growth

Child development is a process, and every child demonstrates readiness for new work at their own pace. They demonstrate this at home and at school in very different ways. That is why February conferences are so important. Your child has grown and changed a great deal since October. Sitting with your child's guides and sharing information is vital to maintaining the parent, student, school triangle.

What I love about Montessori is that each child's developmental trajectory is respected and supported. The students inspire each other within the community, respect the boundaries of the classroom and the progress of each individual child, and support each other as the guides have modeled such support. When difficulties arise we have a team of excellent faculty and staff to help students and families build needed skills.

I am grateful every day for the environment in which we work, for the children and their desire to learn and grow, and for the support of the adults who honor this work.

The guides are looking forward to conferences, and to discussing how your child is growing. Thank you for your thoughtful participation in conferences.

Sherry Knott