September Arts

Early Childhood will explore different techniques in art this year by using various mediums and tools.  Here they explored stamping using various objects. 

Early Childhood began the Montessori Bells curriculum with our artist-in-residence Kari. The Montessori Bells help students distinguish between different levels of pitch, tone, and volume. The students will broaden their music experience throughout the year.

Lower Elementary artists made their own portfolios and sketchbooks this year. They decorated them by creating a collage on the front and back cover.   They will use these sketchbooks at the beginning of each class throughout the year.

Lower Elementary artists are learning about the elements of design:  color, shape, line space, form, and texture.  They started this study with a mosaic project that exhibits all the elements.  The students practiced mosaic making by constructing them out of foam.  Next they will create stepping stone mosaics with stone tiles that will be used on their playground. Stay tuned for this exciting project!

The beginning of the school year brings a terrific opportunity to introduce Lower Elementary to new concepts about music. There has been lots of singing and movement, as well as the introduction to basic music theory, such as dynamics, tempo, and note recognition. This triangle of singing, movement, and theory is a fun way to keep the focus on learning and fun. By Friday the students are really ready to sing!

Middle Elementary artists have spent several weeks on mirror images and symmetry, making cut paper mirror images from their names in cursive and block letters.  They moved on to studying and cutting out large insects (some very large) to illustrate the same idea.

Upper Elementary artists started the year off by learning about Zentangles/Zendoodling.  I like to call it Art Yoga.  Students will spend the first 15 minutes of every class quietly doodling whatever inspires them. This is a great exercise for quieting their minds and helping them focus from within to get the creative juices flowing. 

As Upper Elementary artists learn about the Timeline of Civilization in class, they are also learning about the Timeline of Art.   They started by learning about Ancient Egyptian art and the making of papyrus.  The students created their own version of papyrus. They then researched ancient Egyptian art and created a drawing on their papyrus influenced by their research.

Music class in the Upper Elementary classroom has focused on the Story of Music. Listening to and analysis of ancient songs and instruments has opened up interesting discussions about the role of music throughout history. From Pythagorus to the first printed popular songs, the relevance and functions of music are taking the students through the ages. The music class will support units in the classroom throughout the year while encouraging a creative outlet through singing.

Middle School artists initiated the year with the creation of “pinch pot creatures”, a light-hearted clay project which required them to ponder three-dimensional design and to also project expression and humor into their art. 

Middle School's primary focus this year is on the fundamentals of drawing. Drawing is a fundamental tool for thought, creativity, social and cultural engagement. Learning to draw is primarily about the discipline of close observation and learning to see. To that end, our students are making many “blind contour” drawings of various objects as well as drawings from the still life. 

After School Artists learned about the dutch artist Peter Diem. They created paintings of an animal of their choice inspired by his paintings.

Digital Art students have the opportunity to be part of the entire school photo process this year. In addition to taking pictures, the students are learning about the many other digital elements of being a photographer.