News from the Farm - from Sherry and the Farm Crew

I named the farm Emerson Farm for my father who gave me the love of the land. Emerson means brave and powerful. Through knowing ourselves in nature we become brave and find the power to be effective in the world.

These are the crops we are growing at the farm:

A feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. A body that has moved and used its strength for something good and can now rest deeply at the end of the day. Meaningful relationships with people who you depend on and who depend on you to get the job done. A common purpose. A basic knowledge of what you need and how to make it. Pride in seeing and using the product of your own hands. Humility when you fail. Support from your peers to try again. Confidence in yourself. A sense of place and belonging to your surroundings, town, family, friends, nature. Respect for yourself and others. Inner strength and integrity that breeds trust.

Oh, and muscadines, grapes, figs, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and lots of greens for now.  We will still be planting as the spring continues.

We look forward to welcoming you on March 18th for the “Goodbye to Winter” Fest.

Sherry, David, Jonell, Jennifer, Margo,  and your farm crew:  Addie, Alia, Alice, Anabel, Ansel, Arlo, Avery, Audra, Ben, Bob, Ella, Hayden, Hazel, Josephine, Kiki, Lillie, Lily, Lily, Louis, Maddie, Marissa, Meridian, Miller, Olive, Reina, Reuben, Rosemary, Roxy, Ruthie, Samuel, Sarah, Selah, Sidney, Stella, Tula, and Veronica.

All photos by Upper School photographers.


  1. you make me want to go to the farm :-)

  2. Can we purchase these items for a donation to the Annual Fund?


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