Elementary Spanish News - Early Spring

Spanish lessons are filled with fun activities. Spanish language is used naturally to supplement lessons in math, geography, science, handwork, and culture. Take a look at what we've been working on!

Culture - Exploring the world

Students identify flags from around the world.

They practice dances from different parts of the world...

...they even requested Spanish Zumba!

They play games to practice Spanish vocabulary.

Students have also been working on their handwork skills. A group finished a beautiful weaving project for Emerson Farm, and have also been practicing stitching before diving into embroidery.


Students practice reading in Spanish by keeping track of the Spanish books they've finished, and then summarizing the stories.

Listening and Speaking

Students use comprehension skills to listen carefully to others in formal and informal settings.

Students write and draw stories in Spanish, then share them with their classmates.

After sharing stories, students ask the author questions in Spanish to clarify information.


Students practice using different parts of speech: nouns, singular and plural, verbs, masculine and feminine, articles, and more.

Presentations: "Descubra Nashville," or "Discover Nashville"

Students worked on projects where they advertised their favorite place in Nashville in Spanish.


Students have been interviewing staff members at Abintra who speak Spanish, using questions that they wrote themselves.