Lower School 1 and 2 News: Winter Studies

As we find ourselves surrounded by the winter's chilling weather, we continue our studies of the changing seasons. Students in the Lower School 1 and 2 classrooms have been reading books that describe winter’s colder weather, effects on plant life, and snow-covered landscapes. 

Along with reading books, we have many opportunities for class discussions on winter and its characteristics. Snowflakes have been an exciting topic and the children have been working steadily with the Build A Snowflake lesson. After reading through The Snowflake, Winter’s Secret Beauty by Kenneth Libbrecht and Patricia Rasmussen, the children learned that every snowflake has its own individual characteristics. With the Build a Snowflake lesson, students choose one snowflake picture and then create their very own representation of that image using different objects. Not only do they continue strengthening their hand-eye coordination, pincer grasp, and overall fine motor skills, but their creativity shines through every time the lesson is taken from the shelf!