Abintra Art - Late October 2013

Early Childhood A artists are studying leaves.  They made leaf prints by doing pencil rubbings as well as a study of positive and negative space using pin-punching.

Early Childhood B artists were introduced to a new medium, collage.  They created these collages using recycled paint swatches.

Lower Elementary artists continued their study of the elements of design focusing on space the last two weeks.  We discussed the importance of making good use of space when creating their artwork.  To prepare for their classroom study of the planets, LE artists created artwork of "outer space" to illustrate their knowledge of the three elements of design: color, shape, and space.

Middle Elementary artists created these elaborate works in marker using overlapped initials to divide space for pattern making.

Middle Elementary has also been working really hard on their Great Lessons Play which they successfully performed this week.

Upper Elementary is working hard learning their parts for their upcoming Shakespeare play.

Middle School artists explored the elements of design by creating a sculpture out of their name.  Using cardboard, they created these 3D sculptures in their own creative style.

ME, UE, and MS visited TPAC this week to see the performance, Ballet Hispanico.  This performance conveys the vibrancy and passion of the Latino spirit through a fusion of Latin, classical, and modern dance. 

Aftercare artists created these fall trees by blowing black paint through a straw to create tree limbs.  They used daubers to stamp fall leaves around their trees.

by Michaela

Friends in chorus are listening for the beat and tapping along as one continuous beat. They are learning about legato (slow) and presto (fast) beats.