Elementary Spanish News - October 2013

Practicing T.P.R. through writing and illustrating stories
T.P.R.S. is Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling. This is the method I use for Spanish language instruction in the elementary classrooms. I use a simple process of "SHOW, TELL, and READ" to reinforce learning.

Show: In the Lower Elementary classroom, the students draw action verbs that we used during T.P.R.  I say the verb and they draw it. Another group is doing the same activity, but they are constructing sentences. We practice the verbs querer (to want) and gustar (to like).

Tell: To reinforce T.P.R., the Middle Elementary students are drawing the verbs, creating sentences, and writing stories using the T.P.R. verbs querer (to want), gustar (to like), and the articles él (he) and ella (she). They work with a partner to write the story and then share it with the class.

Read: In the Upper Elementary classroom, the students are translating sentences and paragraphs. They also translate or summarize chapters from the book we are reading. They can complete this work individually or with a partner. 

Another activity that the students are working on is interviewing some members from the Abintra community who speak Spanish. This helps the students to practice their conversational Spanish. Some are also writing stories about their classmates using descriptive words.

Creating a quilt for More Than Warmth
Cultural Activities:  LE and ME have started working on quilts that More Than Warmth (www.morethanwarmth.org) will send to Nicaragua and Mexico. The project was designed to teach children about different cultures and give them a chance to reach out to children in another country. The message is great and the students are happy to be part of that!

The Nashville Public Library is coming to Abintra to perform a puppetry show in Spanish in the Lower Elementary classroom!

In Upper Elementary, students are studying the work of Antoni Gaudí. Gaudí was an architect from Catalonia, Spain who belonged to the Modernisme (Art Noveau) Movement.

Teaching language using T.P.R.S. can be like dancing! Every day is new and fun.


  1. Thank you, Maria! I had lunch with Arthur and a few of his LE friends right after the puppet show. They all loved it and spoke excitedly about it. Love the T.P.R.S method, too. Thank you for such a thorough explanation.


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