Elementary Spanish News - December 2013

Some of the Lower Elementary students are bringing in stories that they are writing at home in Spanish.  It makes me happy to know the students are so interested that they want to write more stories using their Spanish outside the classroom.  Other students are recording the stories they have written.  They have great pronunciation.  Gracias, niños!


We had two visitors this month.  The first visitor was a lady from the Nashville Public Library who read Spanish books, did finger puppet plays and performed two dances.   

The other visitor was LE parent, Irma Paz.  She prepared Escamochas extravaganza (a Mexican dish).  The students got in line and asked for the fruit they wanted in Spanish.  It was great fun and great practice!  The students had the opportunity to use the vocabulary they are working on: food and family.  Muchisimas gracias!

Some of the stories that Middle Elementary students are writing are long, so they decided to divide them into chapters.  Each Middle Elementary student has chosen a Spanish book to read in class or at home. When they finish, they have the option to summarize the story to share with the group.

The students are working on learning the names of foods from America and other countries.   They are also working on drawing a picture of each member of their family.  A special project the students are doing is making puppets to represent their family members.  Each student is writing a story and will present it for their classmates using these puppets. 


Upper Elementary students are writing about Antoni Gaudí’s life and work.  After doing some research, they each wrote a paper in Spanish using five facts about Gaudi.  To continue the Gaudi studies, some students have chosen to make a replica of one of Gaudi’s works.  Very impressive!


Some students are reading Spanish books at home.   

The students love their play “Los Tres Cantantes” (The Three Singers) about a romantic dinner at a restaurant.