Elementary Spanish News- January 2014

Lower, Middle, and Upper Elementary students had the opportunity to learn about how people celebrate the New Year. Many of the students mentioned that they practice this tradition at home.  Twelve grapes! Here is how we celebrated.

We finished our four “More than Warmth” blankets and delivered before winter break

Lower, Middle, and Upper Elementary students are making their own books. Each book will have an illustration with the description of their drawing.   We will use some of the books that the students are writing in our Spanish library at school. We will donate the other books to the Casa Azafran library. 

Lower Elementary
Who said. . . ? is a game we play where students recall the story and determine which character made which statements. The students love the challenge of answering questions.

We finished with our first novel, Brandon Brown quiere un perro!    Las aventuras de Isabela is the second novel that we are reading.  The students are following each chapter with excitement.

On Fridays, we are continuing our cultural activities.

Middle Elementary
On Mondays we talk about the weekend for as long they are willing to keep it going in Spanish.  It’s great exposure to the past tenses in context.   Our new story that we are working on is called Hay una chica que quiere comer chocolate.   It is about a girl who likes to eat chocolate. This story gives our students continual practice in both the present and past tenses.  The students will perform it as a play when we finish the story.

Upper  Elementary
Reading Action Chain is a great way to warm-up before we begin reading a novel or short story. After the reading the students act out the story. The story that we are working on is called Hay un chico que va a un restaurante en Mexico.  We will put each sentence in chronological order.  The new play that we are also working on is a musical called  
El Banco – the bank.


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