Abintra Art - March 2014

Abintra has had an exciting month full of talented visiting artists!

The Nashville Opera visited us and did their wonderful performance of  The Billy Goat Gruff.

We also had a visit from the Soul Singers of the United Lands.  These four artists performed songs from and shared information about their homelands of Croatia, Nigeria, Taiwan, and Uruguay. 

During a cultural unit about the Native Americans, Early Childhood B students identified, discussed, and drew different symbols used by tribes from the Great Plains, Plateau, (brown paper) and Southwest (gray paper).


Early Childhood and Lower Elementary artists enjoyed creating pottery today with Abintra parent Caroline of Caroline Cercone Pottery.

To integrate their classroom studies of the Second Great Lesson, Coming of Life, Lower Elementary artists created fossil art.

Lower Elementary students are learning their parts and songs for Stone Soup which is a short musical story based on the traditional story Stone Soup.  They are preparing to perform for the Early Childhood in May.  The students are excited and enthusiastic about sharing and learning the story of Stone Soup. 

Middle Elementary visited the Nashville Children's Theater to see their performance of 
Number the Stars

TPAC visiting artist, Jen-Jen Linn, did a study unit with Middle and Upper Elementary students to explore and connect to the art of  TPAC's performance of LEO.  

Upper Elementary parent, Brad Talbott, did a lesson on animation with Upper Elementary. They combined an illustration from the each of their stories they wrote in Spanish into one animation.  

Middle school visited TPAC to see the Fisk Jubilee Singer.  This current group of singers represent the original Fisk Jubilee Singers®  who introduced “slave songs” to the world in 1871 and were instrumental in preserving the unique American musical tradition known 
today as Negro spirituals. 

Our aftercare artists have been exploring print making by creating city and landscapes. 

Afterschool Chorus friends are practicing their music notation as they prepare for their end of the semester sharing time.  They are learning Spanish songs and games.