Alumni Spotlight: Adrian Bourgeois

"Most schools prepare you for the next level of school. Abintra prepares you for life."
--Adrian Bourgeois, Musician

Adrian during a recent interview for SubMerge magazine
Meet Adrian, a graduate of the Abintra class of 2002. He attended high school in Sacramento at the Natomas Charter School Performing and Fine Arts Academy, and then spent his college years at UC Santa Cruz.

Today, Adrian is devoted to his music. "Music is and always has been the key focus of my life," he said. "I've always seen the creative process as a craftsmanship, and I am most keenly interested in music's ability to unite people, challenge people, and ultimately change people and the culture they make up." While his music career has allowed him to go on tour across the country during the past few years, he now lives in Los Angeles, where he plays in a band called See How They Run. Adrian also just released his second album Pop/Art, a double album he recorded entirely in his bedroom. He also wrote all of the songs and played most of the instruments on the album. You can listen to Pop/Art here!

In addition to music, Adrian is also interested in literature, films, art, and "just about anything created with the intention of being a masterpiece, including a life well lived." He also loves philosophy, especially "inspiring people to think about things in ways they never have before." By participating in international mission trips with his church, Adrian has also been able to visit places such as Haiti, Ecuador, and London.

Adrian plays the drums at Abintra in 2001
Abintra: How do you think your time at Abintra influenced your future experiences?
Adrian: Most schools prepare you for the next level of school. Abintra prepares you for life. Because of Abintra I see things beyond the surface level that we are often presented with and choose to stop with. Because of Abintra I hold out for the best in life and people, because I've seen it proven just how great we can be when allowed to choose our own path. Abintra taught me how to start things and finish them, but most importantly, how to absorb and evolve along the way.

Abintra: What is your favorite Abintra memory?
Adrian: I could write a book on them, but ultimately my fondest memories of Abintra were the twelve or so of us [in my class] just sitting around the fire pit in the woods having philosophical conversations deeper and richer than almost any I've had since. And that was a bunch of seventh and eight graders! Never before or since has a group of friends felt like family. I could name at least one amazing thing I learned from each one of my Abintra friends that continues to influence me today.

Abintra: If you could give one piece of advice to a current Abintra student, what would it be?
Adrian: You have the freedom to pursue and study whatever it is you might fancy. Use that freedom to the fullest extent you can. You will go on some of the most extraordinary trips of your life and build some of your most prized creations while at Abintra. [The guides] give you that space. Now it's up to you to meet them there with the best of what you have. You may not have that chance again.