Español - Abril

Chances are, if students enjoy the story or activity that is part of the lesson, they will be more inclined to remember.

 La Primavera- Spring
LE students work with vocabulary like: primavera-spring, flores- flowers, pajaritos- birds, etc. They also work with parts of the plant and what it needs to survive. They learned a poem, made paper flowers, wrote sentences, and performed a play. 
¡ Viva la Primavera! 

The play was called Los 5 Amigos- The 5 Friends

ME is working on parts of the plant and vocabulary related to things that we see in the springtime. Students are labeling parts of the plant and making sentences related to spring. 

ME students worked on a story about traveling in South America in which they used many props to help students follow the story in a visual way. Students learned names of places in 
South America in Spanish.

Musical Chairs Retell is a great game to get LE, ME, and UE involved and to check comprehension skills. To begin, students retell the novel or story in as much detail as possible, and then the music starts. After 2 minutes, the music stops and they pass their paper to the person next to them. It becomes trickier as the game goes on because they have to read what others before them have written and continue from where they left off. For the students, it doesn't feel like a boring written assessment. They can’t wait to continue the next chapter or story! The same activity was done in each class: drawing, retelling, translation, and writing. 

Cultural activities
LE, ME, and UE students love to dance, sing, and play games. All of this is part of our cultural activities.  Muy divertido! Very fun! 

UE worked on two assignments. The first one was to teach a family member some Spanish words, make up a written quiz and have him/her take it! Here is what the students said about the assignment.

The second assignment was to make a comic strip of the events from our finished novel Pobre Ana. They all used dialogue in their comic strip and presented it in Spanish. 

Here is a great way to recycle words from other songs: The idea is to find a song, article, story, or poem and select words that make a new song.  UE students are very creative as they chose words from another song and then made it into their own. 

Students created their own Spanish alphabet. They wrote a word for each letter, and drew a picture of the words and sentences.